About ForneyVault

ForneyVault® is a patent-pending revolutionary, cloud-based construction materials testing platform that closes the loop between sample creation, testing, and data collection, dissemination and use. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the testing process, reducing risk of errors, increasing compliance and driving more positive outcomes for labs of all types.

ForneyVault eliminates the final manual steps in the concrete testing process, facilitating the seamless flow of data from the time samples are created through permanent archival of test results. The patent-pending platform dramatically increases lab productivity, promotes information security and compliance, improves testing accuracy, and enhances transparency and trust in results.

It can be deployed in nearly any laboratory configuration, with any appropriately equipped automatic or manual testing machine, any LIMS, ERP or MRP package, any workflow or any reporting requirements.

Built by the Leaders in Materials Testing Equipment

ForneyVault was conceptualized and built by the team at Forney LP, the leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the construction materials testing industry.

This expert provenance ensures that ForneyVault fits perfectly into any materials testing or lab ecosystem. It’s not software for the sake of software. It’s a productivity platform designed and crafted to solve specific pain points in the industry.

How Does ForneyVault Work?

ForneyVault creates unbreakable data flows from sample creation through testing and the dissemination and archiving of results. It does this through a proprietary set of native integrations and APIs. You can read more about the platform here, technical specifics here, and available integrations here.

How Much Does ForneyVault Cost?

The ForneyVault platform is sold as an annual software subscription. Exact rates depend on the number of tests you run and your core subscription package. You can learn more about ForneyVault pricing and request a personalized quote here.

Will ForneyVault Work with Our Testing Machines?

Yes. ForneyVault works out of the box with Forney VFD Series automatic testing machine. Manual machines can easily and affordably be upgraded with a ForneyLink® touchscreen interface or into a full VFD Series automatic machine to take advantage of the platform.

We are delighted with the ForneyVault/ElmTree integration we have. The cost and time savings in data entry are tremendous and I can’t imagine doing it any other way now that we have it.


Request a Demo of ForneyVault

We’d love to show you how the ForneyVault construction materials testing software platform can drive productivity, accuracy and transparency in your workflows.

ForneyVault works with any testing machine; you can even (easily!) retrofit old manual machines. It can interface with just about any piece of software. And it even works with ancillary equipment like barcode scanners.