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ForneyVault was conceptualized and developed by the team at Forney LP, the leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the construction materials testing industry.

After building testing machines that set the industry standard for quality, repeatability and accuracy, Forney recognized a need to extend that quality and accuracy to the test data itself. Because no matter how accurate the machine, the moment human hands intervene, the potential for bias, errors and variance increases.

Forney knew somebody needed to step up and create a platform that could completely automate construction materials testing and eliminate errors from human intervention.

Having been an industry standard for over 100 years, Forney was the best company for the job. They know construction materials testing. And they know the issues labs, materials producers and project owners face when it comes to testing data.

From this knowledge, they developed ForneyVault: a cloud-based integrated CMT platform that automatically moves data through the materials testing workflow. ForneyVault fits into any testing lab or project ecosystem, and it’s supported by a dedicated team of industry veterans who regularly craft specific solutions for unique testing problems.


ForneyVault creates unbreakable data flows from sample creation through testing and the dissemination and archiving of results. It does this through a proprietary set of native integrations and APIs. You can read more about the technical specifics here. View available software integrations here, and learn hardware requirements here.

The ForneyVault platform is sold as an annual software subscription. Exact rates depend on the number of tests you run and your core subscription package. You can learn more about ForneyVault pricing here.

Yes. ForneyVault works out of the box with Forney VFD Series automatic testing machine. Manual machines can easily and affordably be upgraded with a ForneyLink® touchscreen interface or into a full VFD Series automatic machine to take advantage of the platform.


Forney corporate headquarters is located near Zelienople PA, just 25 miles north of Pittsburgh, with manufacturing facilities and stocking warehouses in the eastern and western United States.

Today, Forney continues to innovate and offer thousands of scientific testing, measuring and processing instruments for the concrete, soils and asphalt industries worldwide. You’ll find Forney equipment in test labs, universities, civil engineering firms, pre-casters, block producers, material producers, construction companies, energy companies and government agencies around the world. The industry standard in equipment—and now the industry standard in automation.


We’d love to show you how ForneyVault drives accuracy, productivity and transparency in your workflows. Click below to schedule an online demo.