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ForneyVault & AASHTOWare Project Interface

ForneyVault is now available to all department of transportation (DOT) agencies through an interface with AASHTOWare Project. Explore the benefits and FAQs below.

Eliminate Manual (& Duplicate) Data Entry

Sample information and testing data automatically flow between the two systems and the material testing machine, eliminating manual data collection at the testing machine and repetitive manual data entry across multiple systems.

Access Verifiable, Unalterable Data

Secure ForneyVault sample and testing data better informs material approvals, qualifications, mix design approvals and more, and streamlines the management of each step of the material sample lifecycle.

Reduce Risk of Errors & Increase Compliance

The interface integrates your material testing machine and your AASHTOWare Project system. That makes the machine “smart”.  Key specimen data points like sample date, size, type, expected strength, and more are preloaded into the test machine according to the specimen ID.  This contextual information lets the machine, and the machine operator, “know” what’s being tested. The result – better test results, and more informed decisions.  And when the test is complete, material test information tied to the ID is automatically synced to AASHTOWare Project. The automated workflows and unalterable data drive more positive outcomes for DOTs and partner labs.


“Any time you can eliminate data entry, you can eliminate errors. Technicians agree that the less they have to type, the less chance of error and the less time constantly reviewing what they previously typed. Our lab sees the value of increased efficiency by combining the automatic machine and the AWP/ForneyVault integration.”

Tim Krason, PCC Materials & Tests Manager, Nebraska Department of Transportation

Set Up the Interface

Ready to get started? Let us know and we’ll connect you with our partners at AASHTOWare Project.

Get Started with AASHTOWare Project

Not yet an AASHTOWare Project user? Learn more about our partner by exploring their website.


What is ForneyVault?

ForneyVault is a machine-integrated, cloud-based construction materials testing platform that links testing machines, ancillary equipment and third-party software through a private cloud database, allowing data to flow seamlessly throughout the testing process.

What is AASHTOWare Project?

AASHTOWare Project, one of four products offered within AASHTOWare, is an integrated suite of modules designed to support state construction programs. Specifically, the Construction & MaterialsTM module is designed to span all levels of construction and materials management to progress a contract (and its supporting documentation) from award through finalization.

How does the interface work?

ForneyVault and AASHTOWare Project have achieved an interface that allows sample information and testing data to automatically flow between the two systems. This interface eliminates technician’s manual data collection at the testing machine and typing the associated data in multiple systems.

What equipment does my DOT agency need to enable this interface?

ForneyVault can be used with a Forney VFD Series automatic testing machine or any manual machine fitted with a ForneyLink touchscreen interface. Existing testing machines from other manufacturers are no problem, and any viable manual machine may be upgraded to automatic with a Forney Retropak. Twenty DOT agencies already have what they need to get started. Contact us to see if your equipment is already ForneyVault-capable or learn about our upgrade options.