Field Data Capture Software

Capture, Track & Sync Sample & Site Data with Field Data Capture Software  

Field data capture software allows field technicians to track sample and site data from the field to the lab and beyond, ensuring complete chain-of-custody for all project stakeholders.

Powered by ForneyVault ®construction materials testing (CMT) software, ForneyField™ is field data capture software that closes information gaps and creates a truly end-to-end CMT workflow
ForneyField field data capture software is used by field technicians to capture sample data, create new specimens, claim specimens to deliver to the lab and locate specimens on a map.

ForneyField is also used by lab and project managers and principal engineers to validate field work with lab testing and streamline complex workflows for greater productivity and profitability across the entire CMT workflow.

Field Data Capture Software Features for the Entire cmt workflow

ForneyField field data collection software creates a seamless, end-to-end CMT workflow and ensures complete chain-of-custody transparency for all project stakeholders, powered by ForneyVault and unique mobile application features.

Adding & editing sample data

When a new batch of concrete arrives on site, field technicians can input sample information, including ticket number, placement, data and wet concrete tests.

Updating chain of custody status

Update status to each sample’s specimen: Cast, Assigned, Claimed, Collected and Delivered.

Offline capabilities

Capture data offline and, once connected with the internet, automatically sync data with the ForneyVault database.

Claiming & assigning specimens

Claim a sample’s specimens that have not yet been received at the lab, or assign someone else to pick up the specimens.

Filtering specimens

Filter specimens in the app by sample ID, project ID, location, sample data and status.

Map functionality

View a map with pins that show the exact location of specimens on the job site.

Drive Accountability on the Job Site with Field Data Capture Software

An automatic and transparent testing workflow with ForneyField helps managers and field technicians drive accountability on the job site. With visibility into the status of a sample’s specimen, technicians can be proactive about picking up unclaimed specimens that are ready to the move to the lab. This prevents unclaimed specimens from sitting onsite too long, and eliminates penalties for improper curing or late or missing tests. The map view within ForneyField helps new technicians or technicians who haven’t been to the job site find the specimens they need to pick up.

Field Data Capture Software Validates Field Work with Lab Testing

ForneyField makes it easy for all project stakeholders to track and review the lineage of testing data as well as avoid miscommunication and discrepancies as data moves from the field to the lab to the office and beyond. ForneyField fully closes the data gap between key stakeholders and steps of the CMT workflow. With access to accurate, unalterable field and lab test results, field data capture software helps project owners, government agencies and DOTs trust that construction materials meet the standards a project requires to enhance public safety and keep projects moving. 


Not all field data capture software are created equal. And only one creates a completely seamless, end-to-end CMT workflow with no additional human intervention after initial data capture. See how ForneyVault-enabled ForneyField makes field and lab testing more productive, accurate, transparent – and construction projects as a whole more connected and secure – by requesting a demo.

We will review how ForneyField works, how to sync data with the ForneyVault database, how ForneyField fits into your workflow and reporting, results you can expect in the short and long terms, and what you need to get started.