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What is construction materials and testing?

Construction materials and testing, also known as construction materials testing, is a set of different tests applied to construction materials used in new construction or components added to an existing structure.

These tests ensure that constructed structures meet rigorous safety and compliance standards. Construction materials testing apparatus and equipment help developers build durable structures, and continued testing accessibility keeps them up to code. With accurate, transparent test results, you can also display information to regulators and stakeholders with ease. 

Construction firms use construction materials testing to build new structures, add to current projects, or make amendments to existing facilities and buildings. Typical tasks include earthwork, roofing evaluation, pavement evaluation, foundations, and other components. 

Construction materials testing reviews soil, concrete, steel, asphalt, and other materials and includes extensive reporting on tests and observations. Typically, the process encompasses both field and laboratory testing to ensure that a project’s chosen materials conform to a structure’s requirements and compliance guidelines. 

These days, many construction firms, producers, and developers rely on digital platforms or construction materials and testing equipment to remove many of the manual processes from field and lab tests. 

Modern CMT construction materials testing tools empower businesses and developers with greater flexibility than before. These tools make it easier to access project-specific data and can eliminate key data entry tasks. But, for soil testing, concrete testing, or a steel construction project, it’s as important as ever to have the right tools for the job. 

To learn more about construction materials and testing and how the right software and hardware integrations can impact a project’s success, contact the CMT experts at ForneyVault today. We’re here to help you learn how to implement cloud-based software tools into your workflows and streamline your overall testing process. Reach out today with questions or to discuss testing specifics for more information.

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