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What is the difference between inspections and testing construction materials?

While both are critical components of quality assurance, there are several notable differences between concrete inspections and construction materials testing. CMT construction materials testing encompasses an array of testing methods that include field testing and laboratory procedures. Inspections, on the other hand, primarily entail non-destructive observations.

Construction materials testing is critical to determine concrete strength, durability, and flexibility. By assessing these factors, a construction materials testing facility can determine whether or not a concrete blend is up to code for a specific project or meets the development’s specifications. 

CMT construction materials testing methods include soil sampling, concrete testing, asphalt testing, and building integrity testing that uses assistive technology like drones and thermal imaging cameras. Soil testing can verify that a building site is suitable to support a project, while integrity testing helps look for vulnerabilities in completed and in-progress structures. 

A construction materials testing technician may perform inspections, but the results and outcomes serve different purposes. The International Building Code (IBC) requires several checks to verify that a building is load-resistant and habitable. 

These may include welding observations, fire-stopping reports, and other input separate from what the typical construction materials testing field technician regularly does. Special inspections also help determine if a structure can resist conditions like earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. 

In many ways, construction materials testing and inspection services act as a connector between the construction and design markets. With effective CMT construction materials testing, you can make better-informed design decisions. In addition, ForneyVault’s hardware and software options make it easier to collect data and apply it to your projects.

Construction materials testing and inspections both impact new developments and projects. To learn more about applying quality CMT construction materials testing throughout your business, contact the experts at ForneyVault today. We’re here to discuss project specifics and make practical recommendations for your next project’s growth and success.

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