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What equipment is used to determine the crushing strength of concrete?

The crushing or compressing strength of concrete is an incredibly important metric for developers, construction firms, and producers. Construction materials testing helps determine the load a specimen can bear which in turn impacts how durable a structure may be. 

There are several concrete testing methods that developers employ when they’re using concrete in their projects. Particularly when there’s a shallow or deep foundation or a project necessitates that you verify the durability of a concrete mix, it’s likely that you’ll need a test for concrete that determines its crushing strength. 

Crushing strength tests determine the maximum load that concrete can bear before it begins to fracture. In some cases, a test piece of concrete in the form of a cylinder or prism is placed in a concrete compression machine or a similar testing apparatus. 

Once you’ve secured the concrete in the machine, you gradually increase the load, test the concrete along the way, and report your findings. Depending on your chosen concrete compression machine, there will be different settings, attachments, and applications for correctly obtaining results. 

You should review your specimens on a per-project basis to ensure that you have the right equipment and concrete testing tools for the job. Some specimens are better processed with specific accessories or attachments so it’s best to be prepared. With concrete testing software, this is much easier. 

Concrete testing software, along with a concrete compression machine or a similar piece of testing equipment, can help you quickly and reliably input test results. With the appropriate software platform, you can’t alter those results, either, which makes for full transparency for all parties involved. 

If you’re ready to learn more about concrete crushing strength tests or concrete testing reporting software, get in touch with ForneyVault. Our concrete testing experts are here to help you learn about suitable testing equipment and find compatible concrete testing software that empowers your development efforts.

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