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How do you test concrete strength?

Concrete strength can determine the safety of a structure, inform whether or not a building is up to code, or cause flaws in an otherwise perfect design. That’s why effective concrete testing is so important. 

The most common concrete strength test is the compression test. A compression test determines concrete’s crushing strength by observing it under a steadily increasing load until it begins to fracture and then crumble. Compression tests can inform how well a given concrete mix can stand up to weight and whether or not it’s an appropriate load-bearing material. 

There are also concrete testing tools like ovens that provide even heat distribution and control over a specified temperature range. These tests for concrete help you understand how concrete performs in high-temperature settings. 

Researchers, developers, producers, and other parties may even implement concrete cylinder end grinders. Modern concrete labs depend heavily on concrete cylinder end grinders because they eliminate the need for bonded and unbonded capping. 

Alongside common hardware solutions, there’s also concrete testing software. Whatever your chosen equipment or your testing parameters, it’s beneficial to find concrete testing software that makes it easier for you to collect, verify, and distribute accurate results. 

Concrete testing reporting software makes it so users can’t alter the original results. Our platform integrates with custom software options and hardware selections for nearly seamless plug-and-play connectivity that keeps research teams and labs mobile and agile. 

Concrete testing software can streamline your end-to-end construction materials testing workflow and give you a better look at clear, transparent results. Our concrete testing tools help eliminate variance and automate the manual input needs surrounding reporting and data entry. This, in turn, mitigates human error to garner more accurate results. 

Contact ForneyVault to learn how to test for concrete strength and which tools, platforms, and software solutions are best equipped to help you make the most of your testing data. We’re here to help you find the ideal solution for your concrete testing needs.

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