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What are construction management systems?

Construction management system software and construction materials testing software (CMT software) are integral components of modern construction projects. From the design phases to project closure, CMT software and construction management systems work to remove planning and execution bottlenecks that slow down developments. 

So, what are construction management systems? How does CMT software benefit construction? Here’s what you should know. 

What is construction project management software? 

In short, a construction project management system is a platform that helps you manage your project. A construction management system helps you with estimation, scheduling, file sharing, collaboration, time and performance tracking, integration, and more.

What are the different stages of construction? 

In general, construction goes through the following phases:

  1. Creating the Design: This is the foundational step for any construction process and requires drafting, collaboration, and materials testing. 
  2. Getting Required Approvals: At this point, a firm or developer will seek to acquire the necessary permits and building approvals. 
  3. Cost Estimation: CMT tools and design plans can help a firm forecast estimated costs and build flex hours for a project. 
  4. Execution: This step includes tracking budgets, payroll time-tracking processes, team collaboration, and more. 
  5. Payroll: Using payroll time-tracking from the execution stage, you can handle payments and invoices promptly. 
  6. Project Closure: After you process payments, wrap up inspections, and verify building standards, the project comes to a close. 

Many construction firms and developers rely on third-party tools and software applications to streamline the building process. For instance, construction management system software is an integral construction component, factoring heavily into several steps of the process. 

Construction materials testing software can help you verify design specifications and use the appropriate materials for a durable, long-lasting build. However, finding the right vendor is essential if you’re new to CMT software. That’s where ForneyVault can help. 

Learn more about ForneyVault’s construction materials testing software. 

ForneyVault® is a machine-integrated, cloud-based platform that automates how data moves through the construction management system workflow. As a result, test methods are transparent, results are trustworthy, and producers, asset owners, and construction firms can prove critical materials were correctly tested, checked, recorded, and approved. 

Using a construction management system and CMT software helps you create more thorough project documentation and smooths out previously cumbersome recordkeeping processes. To learn more about ForneyVault’s CMT offerings, contact us today

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