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What is CMT software?

Construction materials testing (CMT) is integral to building safety, durability, and project viability. Unfortunately, field and laboratory testing traditionally rely on paper-based methods, which are error-prone and unreliable. Plus, both costs and concerns can start to increase when you consider factors like handwriting legibility, document warehousing, and testing bias. 

With CMT software, it’s easier for you to eliminate bias and variance in your tests while reducing the need for paper-driven testing materials within your workplace. By removing redundant handwriting, data entry, and transcription processes, it’s easier to report and record accurate data quickly. 

Cloud-based construction materials testing software makes it easier for you to collect and distribute data and cuts out reliance on on-premises document storage. On top of this, you can run more tests that require fewer machine operators to maintain. CMT software effectively mitigates one of the larger bottlenecks in the construction materials testing process.

CMT software platforms also enhance transparency for all parties involved. From the producers to the testers and project owners, construction materials testing software offers unalterable test data that guarantees project transparency. 

When you’re looking for a CMT software solution, you should consider a tool that offers plug-and-play connectivity alongside streamlined access tools for remote project management. That’s where ForneyVault is here to help. 

With our robust CMT software platform, software integrations, and hardware connectivity solutions, we offer a comprehensive solution for your construction and materials testing needs. Our tools can connect with custom software and automatic testing machines to enhance data collection efforts and mitigate user errors, variance, and bias within your datasets. 

To learn more about our industry-leading construction materials testing software solution, contact the CMT experts at ForneyVault today. We’re here to help you understand the role of software in the testing process and the benefits it offers to all parties involved in a build.

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