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ForneyVault® Partners with Quadrel on Concrete Management Software Integration

ForneyVault®, an integrated construction materials testing platform, recently added Quadrel, LLC, to its growing list of software integration partners.

The interface allows Quadrel’s customers to have easy access to ForneyVault along with its own technologies for concrete and aggregate management. Martin Marietta, Inc., in Denver, CO, is the first Quadrel customer to use the integrated materials testing platform with concrete cylinders cast in the field.

ForneyVault links testing machines, LIMS packages, third-party software and ancillary equipment via a private cloud database. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the testing process, reducing the risk of errors, increasing compliance and driving more positive outcomes for labs of all types. To date, laboratories in more than 45 locations in four countries have logged more than 500,000 tests with ForneyVault.

“The Quadrel and ForneyVault interface makes our work seamless in the lab and removes the need for manual data collection with pens, paper and clipboards,” says Todd Genovese, Director of Technical Services, Martin Marietta. “For our concrete cylinders, we can view data, conduct analysis and generate reports in one place.”

Quadrel integrated ForneyVault into its cloud-based iService software, a performance and quality management solution for mix design, yield management, dynamic submittals, statistical analysis and lab management. All material, mix, batch, cost and test data can be accessed from a single point of entry with iService. The software also serves as the front-end to dispatch and batch panel systems helping drive quality and performance throughout the concrete production cycle.  Its patented Close Loop Integration® (CLI) process  ensures that delivered concrete matches the original mix design, saving producers material wastage and batching variability costs.

“Martin Marietta pours and samples concrete in the field. That sample data is sent to ForneyVault. In the lab, technicians use ForneyTools to print specimen labels that are scanned at our machines to identify the specimens and complete the strength tests,” says Scott Grumski, Vice President, Platform Development, Forney LP. “Quadrel pulls the results from ForneyVault for analysis and reporting.”

“Quadrel is pleased to partner with Forney LP to improve efficiencies in construction material testing,” says Robert Michel, Vice President of Operations, Quadrel, Inc. “Martin Marietta’s cooperation allowed us to maximize performance and optimize a customer solution.”

About Forney LP and ForneyVault®

Forney LP is a material testing equipment innovator and distributor based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities in Aurora, Colorado. Forney is the maker of ForneyVault®, an auditable, unalterable materials testing system. Forney’s focus is on material testing equipment for cementitious materials like cement, mortar, grout and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and proppant materials for oil and gas industry, and general metals testing. Forney sells its products to more than 75 countries.

About Quadrel LLC

Quadrel LLC, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a technology company driving innovation in the concrete industry. Its market-leading platform manages concrete quality and performance from design through placement.

Today Quadrel manages over 2,000 plants. Its real-time, cloud-based solutions are trusted by the biggest names in the industry. Quadrel holds multiple U.S. patents; U.S. Patent 9,082,147; 9,519,930; 9,836,801 cover its core QC product offerings.

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