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STABIL Concrete Products Leverages Forney Test Equipment & ForneyVault QA/QC Software Platform in Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Quality Control Process

In a recent Journal of Cement and Concrete Research paper published in IAEME, Aditya Yadav, Project Engineer, STABIL Concrete Products, LLC, traces the quality control methods and tests used in the ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) production process.

Quality control ensures that the delivery of the end product meets expectations. For UHPC, testing is similar to conventional concrete with some modifications. In his paper, Yadav outlines the QC process, from sourcing of raw materials, to testing workability (ASTM C230 and C1856) in the field, to curing and demolding, to testing compressive strength (ASTM C39, C109, and C1856) and flexural strength (ASTM C1609 and C1856) in the lab.

Aditya Yadav, Author, Quality Control Process & Important ASTM Testing Standards for Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

Yadav takes a deeper dive into a case study for ASTM C1609: Standard Method for Flexural Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

This required:

  • Modified compression testing machine for ASTM C1609
  • Third-point flex accessory with integrated roller supports under the ends of the beam per ASTM C1812 (Forney TA-0166-12)
  • Transducer jig to measure beam deflection through contact with the brackets attached to the specimen (Forney TA-0166-21)

The machine is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of C1609 – from deflection rate, through first peak, to data acquisition for strength and toughness calculations. ForneyVault Construction Materials Testing Software takes the process a step further by automatically calculating toughness and residual strengths and generating the required reporting.

To read the full research paper, click here.

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