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Don’t Get Stuck in a Construction Technology Silo


Optimize and future-proof your construction tech stack with tools that play well together.

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Companies that wish to embark on a digital transformation journey can be bombarded by a barrage of software and hardware solutions vying for their business. Digital collaboration and mobility solutions account for 60% of all investments in construction technology. Business leaders must navigate a complex and saturated market to find the best solution for their organization.

The needs of each business unit can vary greatly and software providers are increasingly building targeted solutions for disparate use cases. Consequently, businesses often fall into the trap of signing up for multiple solutions that do not work with each other. In fact, it’s been estimated that approximately a quarter of construction businesses use applications that are not integrated with the rest of their business.

In this helpful guide, we discuss the benefits of integrating specialized applications to work as one cohesive ecosystem, including the importance of open integration – a keystone to unlocking productivity and efficiency improvements and future-proofing your tech stack.

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