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  1. construction materials testing

    What Are Construction Materials and Testing? 2 Essential Components of CMT

    Construction materials testing is meant to safeguard design specifications and asset performance for use in a construction project.  There are two core parts of CMT: the materials themselves and the different types of tests they might require.  Construction Materials  A number of different construction materials have to be tested as they are used for a…

  2. How Automatic Alerts & Notifications Improve Construction Materials Testing Results Management

    To ensure that you and your customers achieve prompt, actionable CMT results and deliverable reports, you need automatic alerts and notifications.

  3. digital report approval workflow

    Why Projects Need A Digital Report Approval Workflow for Construction Materials Testing

    One of the most critical construction project activities is effective management of report deliverables – from generating and reviewing reports to routing reports for review and approval. Reports that verify material strength are in the project’s critical path and are crucial for adherence to engineering and safety specifications. Digital reporting workflow and approval can help…

  4. cmt workflow automation feature image

    8 Signs You Need Construction Materials Testing Workflow Automation

    Data is the heart of construction materials testing (CMT). Information from the field informs work at the lab, which informs important next steps for the project back in the field. But this is only true if that workflow is seamless and reliable. In this blog, we look at eight signs you need CMT workflow automation….

  5. Discard Dashboard Automatic Concrete Curing Room Management

    Concrete Curing Room Management: 5 Reasons to Automate

    Throwing away a test specimen from your curing room isn’t a problem. Until you throw away the wrong one. Here’s how you can keep your curing room organized, in compliance and on track with projects by automating concrete curing room management.   Construction materials testing (CMT) is vital to the success of a building or…

  6. Construction Labor Shortage blog

    How Automating CMT Helps the Construction Labor Shortage

    The construction labor shortage is worse than ever, which means firms have to find a way to accomplish more with less. In this blog, we cover how automating your construction materials testing workflow can help.

  7. CMT Software for Project owners

    Construction Materials Testing for Project Owners: Why You Need CMT Software

    Materials testing seems to happen behind the scenes, but it is a critical part of a construction project that every stakeholder—no matter how separated from the test itself—should be well aware of. In this blog, we discuss the role of project owners in construction materials testing (CMT)—and how CMT software can help enhance collaboration and…

  8. building trust with construction materials testing software

    3 Ways Construction Firms Build Trust with Construction Materials Testing Software

    Project owners make sizable investments in building projects, putting not only financials but also reputation on the line. In this blog, we discuss 3 ways construction materials testing software helps build trust and improve project transparency for all stakeholders. Trust in construction is everywhere. Civilians have to trust the infrastructure you’re building. Regulators have to…

  9. concrete mix design process feature image

    Concrete Mix Design: 3 Ways Automation Strengthens Your Process

    The concrete mix design process is highly variable and includes many moving parts and ingredients. Here’s how automation can help.

  10. What Is Concrete Testing Software?

    As a foundational building material, concrete must exceed quality and strength expectations. This means rigorous testing throughout the construction process. In this blog, we discuss how concrete testing software makes this easier and more accurate. Concrete is the most commonly used material in construction projects. Indeed, the durability (and safety) of every structure depends on…