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What is field data capture?

Field data capture (FDC) is the process of gathering data in the field instead of in a laboratory or office setting. This data can be used for various purposes, such as scientific research, market research, or data entry for a database. 

While you’ll often see field data capture through focus groups, peer research, and independent studies, FDC has numerous applications in the construction industry, and field technicians depend on this practice for most structural designs. From FDC’s applications within the construction market to practical software tools that enhance field data capture, here’s what you need to know. 

What does field data capture mean in the construction industry? 

Field data capture in construction is an essential process for documenting the progress of a project. Field data can include measurements, photographs, and other construction site documentation. You can use this data to create as-built drawings, track progress, and troubleshoot problems.

There are several tools and methods for field data capture in construction. One common tool is a construction camera, which is a camera specifically designed for documenting project progress. You can use construction cameras to take photographs or videos of the construction site. These images can be used to create as-built drawings or to document changes or problems on the site.

ForneyVault’s ForneyField streamlines field data capture. 

Though several field data capture apps exist, one of the most effective field data capture software solutions is ForneyVault’s ForneyField. 

ForneyField is a ForneyVault-enabled mobile app used by field technicians to track sample and site data from the field to the lab and beyond, ensuring a complete chain of custody for all project stakeholders.

With tools like ForneyField, field technicians can quickly sync results with ForneyVault and filter samples by project ID, sample data, and project status. ForneyField relies on an easy-to-follow pipeline:

  • Capture: Use our field data capture systems to quickly input sample data. 
  • Claim: Drive job site accountability for managers and field technicians. 
  • Locate: Easily find specimens on the job site. 
  • Validate: Ensure you can trust the quality of your materials on a construction project. 

What data do field technicians commonly collect?

Field technicians that incorporate tools like ForneyField into their repertoire often look for a few key data points. This data may include wet concrete properties, event logs, or materials testing results. By analyzing this data, technicians can often determine if a material non-conformity could exist.

In many cases, technicians also collect data to create documentation for future reference. For example, if a construction issue is recurring, the technician may document the steps they took to fix it so that another field technician can follow the same process.

ForneyVault can guide you toward leading field data capture tools. 

Field data capture is an essential part of construction projects. The data collected can be used to document progress, track problems, and collate data for as-built drawings. There are several tools and methods for field data capture, but tools like ForneyField stand above the rest. Contact us today to see ForneyField in action and learn how our software tools can amplify your testing and data collection procedures.

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