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What is laboratory testing in construction? Why is it important?

Laboratory testing is a critical component of construction. Frequently, field testing will indicate that a sample requires further testing for a comprehensive analysis. Project owners, developers, or construction managers will send samples to a laboratory or construction materials testing facility when this happens.

In the past, even laboratory testing relied on outdated data-entry methods, error-prone collection practices, and testing samples that showed high variance. Nowadays, technology makes it easier for laboratories to thrive. In particular, laboratory equipment used in construction and materials testing includes laboratory information management systems or LIMS software.

LIMS software is a cloud-based construction materials testing (CMT) tool that facilitates the collection and dissemination of core test data. As a result, the cost of a laboratory information system narrows compared to the prospective returns. In addition, the best LIMS software helps reduce data entry errors, ensures that source data isn’t altered after collection, and makes it easier to store project information for quick access. 

Laboratory testing is critical because it detects flaws, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses that field tests can’t. Beyond that, many infrastructure projects, like aircraft runway and highway concrete installation projects, depend on laboratory testing to determine how well a given material can withstand real-life forces. 

LIMS software can help promote greater transparency throughout a project, as well. High-quality LIMS software enables you to ensure compliance with error reduction methodologies and fully automated record keeping. Investing in the best LIMS software can ultimately save you money and problems down the line, even after factoring in the laboratory information management system cost. 

When comparing the cost of laboratory information systems, it’s worth it to select the best LIMS software on the market. That’s where ForneyVault can help. We provide best-in-class LIMS software options that allow you to ensure accurate testing with minor variance. 

To learn more about laboratory testing in construction and why it’s so important to use practical testing tools, contact ForneyVault today. We’re here to help you find the right solutions for your construction projects.

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