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Forney LP Launches New Website to Advance ForneyVault®

Forney LP, the premier supplier of construction material testing equipment, recently advanced its newest innovation, the ForneyVault® platform, with a new website and logo.

ForneyVault is a cloud-based construction material testing software platform that closes the loop between sample creation, testing, and data collection, dissemination and use. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the process, reducing the risk of errors, increasing compliance and driving more positive outcomes for labs of all types.

To date, laboratories in more than 30 locations in three countries have logged more than 330,000 tests with ForneyVault.

The new website offers easy-to-understand details on how ForneyVault supports a truly automated process. The website includes “The Ultimate Guide to Truly Automated Testing” and emphasizes that ForneyVault is applicable to 8+ industries in the realm of construction and academia.

“Forney implemented this new site to make it easier for existing and potential clients to gather information about ForneyVault and learn how to bring automation and accuracy into the testing process for construction and building materials,” says Jeff Dziki, CEO, Forney LP.

Visitors to the website can learn how to have more accurate construction material testing data. With ForneyVault, sample and specimen data are loaded at the time of creation and synchronized with the testing machine. After the test, results are instantly available to LIMS packages, third-party software and a secure, private cloud database, as well as end-users. This eliminates numerous manual processes, increases lab accuracy and productivity, and makes results available 24/7/365.

About Forney LP

Forney LP is a material testing equipment innovator and distributor based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities in Aurora, Colorado. Forney is the maker of ForneyVault®, an auditable, unalterable materials testing system. Forney’s focus is on material testing equipment for cementitious materials like cement, mortar, grout and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and proppant materials for oil and gas industry, and general metals testing. Forney sells its products to more than 75 countries. To learn more, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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