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What are concrete tests called?

Developers depend on concrete testing to ensure that a project is structurally sound and solid. Concrete testing examines construction materials in specific conditions, looking to determine crushing strength, flow characteristics, composition, or other critical factors. Commonly, you divide concrete testing into two categories: field testing and laboratory testing. 

Field testing refers to tests and experiments run during placemen or installation at a project site. For example, construction materials testing organizations often use field testing to determine concrete’s wet properties. 

There are several types of field tests, including concrete slump testing, moisture content testing, and unit weight determination. Laboratory tests include compressive strength testing and tensile or flexural concrete testing methods. 

Other methods of field and laboratory testing frequently examine existing concrete. For example, destructive concrete testing cores existing concrete, removes a cylindrical sample, and sends it to a laboratory for compressive testing work. Non-destructive testing might uses a rebound hammer or maturity sensor to provide a general estimate of the concrete’s toughness. 

Most field and laboratory testing methods depend on concrete testing reporting software. Concrete testing software programs are digital tools that enable engineers, developers, and project owners to collect accurate, unalterable data. In addition, concrete testing reporting software helps ensure transparency while speeding up the testing process. 

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